Tigers win opener in Minnesota, Verlander racks up 7 strikeouts

It was cold in Minnesota, and so were a couple Tigers bats.. but that didn’t keep them from putting together 4 runs and securing the first win of the season.  Verlander pitched 5 scoreless innings and fanned 7.  It was nice to see him finally get a win on opening day!


No fools about it, it’s Opening Day!

Grab your radios. Turn on the TV (in HD of course). Grab some cold beers and even a bag of peanuts… Sit your ass on the couch, head to a ball park, or belly up at your favorite watering hole. It’s one of the greatest days a year. It already feels a little bit more like summer. Opening Day is here.

Tigers fight, benches clear, don’t mess with Verlander…

OK, so here is a brief collection of some great heated moments for the Tigers in years past.  My favorite might be the Porcello/Youkilis incident.  I couldn’t find the DET/KC brawl from 2000 where Farnsworth turned into an MMA fighter; I’ll keep looking!

Soon to come: Leyland Ejection Greatest Hits… that will take some time.


Gary Sheffield.  I wouldn’t mess with him, would you?!?  Gotta love seeing Cabrera and Martinez in this video… it’s like they knew they would be a feared back to back combo in years to come…


In honor of Rick pitching excellent in his Spring Training debut, here’s a great video of him making Youkilis look like a little bitch…


Carlos was my wife’s favorite player.


Let’s play “Count the Losers!”  1. Laird, 2. Willis, 3. WhiteSox…


I always liked Bondo…. never a huge fan of Delmon…


Brian Knight = Idiot.  Verlander = would’ve smoked him with a fastball in the face.

Opening Day… where are you?!?


The Best Lineup in Baseball.

With the new additions and returning players this season, I believe that the Tigers have the best lineup in the game.  That being said, here is how my lineup card would look….  Leyland are you reading?

1. CF Austin Jackson

2. RF Torii Hunter

3. 3B Miguel Cabrera

4. 1B Prince Fielder

5. DH Victor Martinez

6. SS Jhonny Peralta

7. 2B Omar Infante

8. C Alex Avila

9. LF Quintin Berry or Andy Dirks


OK, don’t freak out.  I know having Berry or Dirks at the bottom of the lineup will piss some people off, but I’d rather have them as close to Jackson/Hunter/Cabrera as possible.  I think based on how Hunter is batting, the second spot in the lineup should go to either Berry/Dirks or Hunter.  If Berry/Dirks take the position, Hunter should follow Martinez and the rest of the lineup shift down.

This lineup is straight nasty.  Really, the only time a pitcher might be able to relax would be at the 6, 7, 8 spots, and that’s assuming that Peralta, Infante, and Avila are cold.

How would you stack this lineup?

Pitchers and Catchers report next Tuesday!

The Super Bowl is over and that means one thing… Baseball is almost back!

2012 is over.  The World Series is over.  The Tigers are hungry for revenge, and so are fans like me…

This year will be exciting.. and here are some reasons why:

1. Victor Martinez is back.

2. Torii Hunter joins the Tigers.  This guy won’t repeat his year last year, but even if he is close to average, he will be a great addition.  He’s got great speed and a solid bat.

3. Valverde is gone. Dude was done.

4. Miguel Cabrera is a Tiger.  Don’t forget he won the Triple Crown and the MVP.

5. Tigers now have the most powerful lineup in all of baseball.

Pitchers and catchers report next Tuesday!

Back in the D

Great to see the Tigers back in Detroit to get this series back on track. This is the World Series for crying out loud, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. This is what fans like myself wish and hope for all season. Get some Tigers!